Lakeside Academy

The Lakeside Academy Boxing Club was an initiative brought forth by students looking to create a program for others looking for a hobby they can be passionate about outside of school. Many young adults often have trouble expressing themselves or reducing anxiety in a safe or constructive manner and sports can be hugely beneficial in dealing with the issues everyone faces.

By creating their very own ‘How-To’ videos, students of the Boxing Club wanted to share their knowledge with other kids looking to join in the fun. After a simple request for new equipment, the school donated and provided the club with all new gloves and training gear for the program. Two students began recruiting others looking to get involved and help out with the whole course planning. The next step was to hire a professional boxing coach to train the students on how to use the equipment properly and in a safe manner. Students then decided to film the training sessions as a video guide for those interested in becoming a part of the club. With the videos fully-produced, a lunch-time program was offered by students for those interested.

The project was a great way for students to promote proper exercise habits, mental health, as well as a way to learn more about running their own business. Hopefully the course will continue on and bring in new members for the Lakeside Academy Boxing Club!

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