MacDonald High School

Dirty laundry and access to electricity are just some of the issues or problems that impact many people living in homelessness across the island of Montreal. The Macrobotz team from Macdonald High School accepted the challenge to solve these problems by designing and building an active, creative, and sustainable solution…Introducing “Green Cycle 1.0”!

The purpose of this project was to support the local homeless population with access to clean laundry. Students aimed to help solve problems related to energy scarcity across Montreal and the entire process from deciding on a product/service/or event was a student-led initiative. They were able to take advantage of available resources at their school to design and build a finished, functional prototype for their bike-powered washing machine.

The design of the prototype was conceived by the students from the Lego Robotics team, known as Macrobotz (a first year team at the school). Most of the parts, including the bicycles, wheels, barrels, and bearings were obtained through donations from the school and external communities. The welding, modifications, assembly of the prototype, and painting were carried out in the robotics/machine lab at the school.

The whole project was a resounding achievement where students identified a real-world problem and decided to take action. Their project had an immense effect on those in need and should be an invaluable resource for years to come.

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